domingo, 21 de mayo de 2017

Unit 5 portfolio: MY FAVOURITE FOOD

                                                MY FAVOURITE FOOD

                                                             Spanish  omelette                                           

                                                         by Samuel González

   My favourite food is the Spanish omelette. The Spanish            omelette is a traditional food in Spain. In my opinion is the        best food of Spanish traditional food. The ingredients  are        some potatoes, some eggs and a little olive oil. The spanish    omelette it was more traditional in the north, because a            person     of Basque Country created the spanish omelette      but now you can eat in all Spain .You can        join the                Spanish omelette with other ingredients. In all                            restaurants there are Spanish omelette. In Spain a lot of          people eats a piece of omelette at the morning.When I go to    the beach I eat with my family some Spanish omelette.

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